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Birthday Parties Classes

Birthday Parties

NERF WAR THEMED PARTIES - $499 up to 15 kids 1 1/2 includes pizza & drink. All all children get nerf guns and goggles with targets and obstacles!

KARATE THEMED PARTIES- $499 includes pizza & drink child wears black belt for the day, cuts cake with Samurai sword, up to 15 kids, options for board breaking, karate belts and karate headbands.

NINJA TURTLE THEMED PARTY - $499 up to 15 kids includes 1 Pepperoni pizza pie and drinks. Learn techniques of your favorite turtle, Bo staff, sword, nunchucks and sais, special kicks, games and fun! Bring your own cake or cupcakes!

NINJA BIRTHDAY PARTY - $499 up to 15 kids. Enter the world of the Ninjas with this awesome kids party! Plenty of Options to choose from: IN THE DARK OR LIGHT WITH SMOKE MACHINE AND LASER BEAMS! OBSTACLE COURSE! NINJA STYLE NUN CHUCK TRAINING! NINJA STAR TARGET TRAINING, & AND LOTS OF FUN!

Read what some of our parents had to say:

"WOW! What a well-organized party. It was FUN, FUN, FUN! My son loved it, and his friends can't stop talking and laughing about it."
- Sarah Morriston
"I highly recommend this party to everyone. We were looking for something different, and we found it at USA Karate and Fitness! Every party detail went so smoothly. The instructors were very helpful, plus I liked the fact that the kids got to safely burn off some extra steam. I haven't laughed so much in years. My son and his friends had an awesome time. Your kids will too!"
- Richard, Clarke


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