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Kids Karate Classes

Beginner Kids Karate Classes Enrolling In August

A Self Esteem and Stamina Builder!

If your looking for a FUN way to get into GREAT shape, and spend quality time together, then look no further.

Kids Karate is an exceptional way for children to develop positive habits like fitness, focus, discipline and respect. 

Fun and Effective Age-Appropriate Training!

More than just fitness and self defense, your child will be taught the martial arts lifestyle, goal achievement, and the importance of working hard to achieve success. Parents love how we apply our belt program and martial art philosophies to their child's life.

We have a Kids Karate program that has been divided into 4 age appropriate groups. All 4 programs have been designed with your child's development level in mind.

Little Dragons (ages 3 to 6)

This class teaches young students the basics of karate, as well as how to set and achieve goals. Throughout this program the students will also learn how to overcome different fears and challenges.

Junior Champions (ages 7 to 12)

Created for older children, this class provides more advanced training, plus focuses more on the traditional teachings and lessons that positively shape kids into confident young adults.

Teen Classes (ages 13-17)

Created just for our teens, we provide advanced training with traditional teachings and lessons. 


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Why Wait to Get Started!

Our kid-friendly instructors are standing by to help your child. Each one has grown up with the training and philosophies taught in our school. They are all certified instructors, with full safety training,

FIND OUT MORE! If you are in New Jersey, near Clark, Avenel, Springfield, Jackson or Hamilton, we invite you to learn more about our amazing Kids Karate classes.

What You'll Learn at kids karate

  • Self Discipline and a Positive Attitude
  • Respect for Others and Themselves
  • How to deal with Stranger Danger
  • How to defuse Bullies
  • Improved Strength, Coordination and Flexibility
  • Plus, an Effective Way to Channel Extra Energy

Benefits of kids karate

  • Little Dragons (ages 3 to 6)
  • Junior Champions (ages 7 to 12)

Our kids karate Classes Are Located In

  • Clark
  • Avenel
  • Springfield
  • Jackson
  • Mercerville
  • Lebanon

kids karate Program Age Groups

  • From Age 13 To 17 (Teens)
  • From Age 3 To 6 (Little Dragons)
  • From Age 7 To 12 (Junior Champions)

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