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Sensei Andrew Crescenzo

Andrew has been training in Taekwondo since he was 6 years old. In 1995, He became a certified ATA Blackbelt. While continuing his martial arts training, Andrew remained an active participant in other sports, which included varsity wrestling at J.P. Stevens High School (Class of Æ01).

By 2003, he received his second-degree black belt from Master Herb Perez (1992 Olympic Gold Medalist), sharing the same mentor as Master Angelo Perez. Later that same year, Andrew was named Program Director of the Year for his outstanding work and commitment. His hard-work and dedication continues today as the head instructor and owner of USA Karate & Fitness of Springfield, NJ. In 2010, Andrew was named Owner of the Year at an international instructors convention.

Andrew has been a true leader at USA Karate & Fitness, not only to his students, but also to his colleagues. He always makes himself available for private lessons and personal training and goes above and beyond for anyone in need of help. Currently, Andrew holds the rank of a third degree blackbelt.

Sensei Chad Ruff

Chad has been training in Taekwondo since the age of 6. At nine years old, he earned his first blackbelt. Through the years, Chad has participated in several major tournaments and frequently placed within the top three finalist positions. When Chad reached high school, he went on hiatus from martial arts training in order to explore other activities.

After high school, Chad realized he wanted to find a career in fitness and health. After running into high school friend Andrew Crescenzo (head instructor of the Springfield location), Chad rediscovered his one true niche. He began to train with Mr. Crescenzo several times a week, and then later continued to teaching classes and organizing events. After several years of teaching experience, Chad is now the owner and head instructor of USA Karate & Fitness of Hamilton, NJ.

Chad is extremely grateful for what martial arts has done for him and how it has done nothing but affect his life is the most positive of ways. As a result, he has devoted his life to giving back to his students and teaching them the lessons that martial arts has to offer including self-discovery.


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